Health Service

Evolve the care paradigm, advance research at scale, and empower everyone in your organization to innovate and transform with devnow solutions for healthcare and life sciences.
Provide secure, continuous patient care
Telehealth and virtual care

Support patients remotely and protect caregiver and patient safety by offering take-home devices and telehealth solutions.

Watch how Cambridge Health Alliance transitioned to virtual care.


Patient services and support

Give people information they need while alleviating pressure on your contact center by using the Contact Center AI Rapid Response virtual agent.

Read how the University of Pennsylvania responded rapidly to inquiries during COVID-19.


Patient app management

Build and deliver mobile applications that give patients an easy way to stay in touch with their caregivers from home with application modernization.

Learn how Rush improves the patient experience with the MyRush app.



Visualization of healthcare services

Leverage geographic data like site locations and patient directions to help your healthcare organization provide more effective service.

Read how Doctor on Demand uses Google Maps for patients to connect with physicians and prescriptions.

Empower caregivers with collaboration and productivity tools
Remote work

Empower care teams and other healthcare workers to stay connected and collaborate safely from anywhere with Google Workspace.

See how Ascension facilitated a rapid transition to remote work.


Health and wellness apps for providers

FDA MyStudies for providers helps your healthcare organization better support staff through organizational and operational insights apps.

Learn how UNC Health helps healthcare workers keep track of their mental health.


Frontline caregiver devices

Help caregivers serve their patients better by enabling them to access information with shareable, secure-by-design Chrome and Android enterprise devices.

Check out how Chromebooks can help your remote caregivers stay connected.

Make data-driven clinical and operational decisions
Healthcare data interoperability

Gain a unified view of healthcare data by enabling a longitudinal record of patient data, and provide clinical insights in FHIR format with Healthcare Data Engine.

Healthcare analytics and insights

Make more confident and effective decisions by harmonizing clinical and operational data across your legacy systems.

Read how Emory University researchers use AI to predict sepsis in intensive care patients.


Healthcare API management

Make it easy for healthcare providers, health data partners, and app developers to work together to build new FHIR API-based digital services.

Watch how Cleveland Clinic securely accesses EMRs with APIs.


Healthcare operational dashboards

Enhance your ability to visualize population health and operations by augmenting your business intelligence with leading-edge analytics.

Learn how HCA Healthcare developed a data portal to help communities respond to COVID-19.

Supporting life sciences

Advance research at scale
Genomic data processing and analytics

Advance medical research by analyzing raw genomic data and translating your discoveries into new protocols for patient care.

Learn how Deloitte empowers collaborative biomedical research for faster discovery.

Analytics and AI for life sciences

Google Cloud can help you modernize your R&D infrastructure and leverage analytics and AI to identify the most promising biological targets and drug opportunities.

See how Recursion Pharmaceuticals is using AI to accelerate the discovery of treatments for rare, untreated diseases.

Terra biomedical research platform

Access data, run analysis tools, and collaborate in Terra, a scalable platform for biomedical research developed by the Broad Institute and Verily.

Learn how Verily and the Broad Institute came together to create Terra.

Improve patient value and adherence
Digital health platform

Improve patient adherence and engagement by drawing integrated data and actionable insights from drugs, devices, and software.

Learn from BrightInsight on their best practices for deploying digital health products.


Modernize patient-facing applications

Quickly build and deliver modern applications and other connected experiences for your customers, partners, and employees for clinical trials and research studies.

Discover the solutions our customers and partners are using to improve clinical trials.

Accelerate drug development

FDA MyStudies on Google Cloud

Gather data for medical research by using the FDA’s open source MyStudies platform to directly recruit, enroll, and engage study participants.

Watch this webinar to learn how life science organizations can deploy real-world insights.


Accenture INTIENT collaboration platform

Encourage insights and collaboration across the life sciences enterprise with this platform built by Accenture.

Learn about the four key components of the platform in this webinar and demo series.

Data analysis for drug development

Analyze and process massive amounts of data to generate more promising drug targets and advance scientific research with Google Cloud high performance computing.

See how NetApp helps its customers unify data in Google Cloud with high performance computing.


Pharma SAP on Google Cloud

Discover, develop, and deliver new treatments more quickly and at a lower cost with SAP on Google Cloud.

Learn how McKesson runs SAP to leverage healthcare data to help patients.

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