Infrastructure modernization

Move on-premises archives to cloud storage

Cloud and our partners offer flexible infrastructure modernization approaches from rehost to replatform. Once built, you can leverage the innovation we’ve built into our technology—from AI to streaming analytics.


Application migration

Migrating applications to cloud helps you avoid expensive refresh cycles. Use discovery and assessment tools to understand the cost benefit of moving to the cloud, then execute using our portfolio of migration solutions.

  • Greater user and customer satisfaction with improved app performance

  • Maintain app security with data that is encrypted both in motion and at rest

  • Save big with no up-front costs, better density, and rightsizing recommendations

SAP on Cloud

Maintain business continuity on a secure cloud with advanced reliability, network, and uptime performance. Drive agility and economic value with VM-based infrastructure, analytics, and machine learning innovations.

  • Focus on your business, not infrastructure

  • Accelerate business agility and insights

  • Get help at every step of your cloud journey

VMware as a service

Migrate your VMware environment with just a few clicks and run your VMware workloads natively on Cloud without refactoring your applications.

  • Unlock intelligent insights with native services

  • Enjoy a fully integrated experience

  • Simplify management across hybrid cloud environments

Backup and disaster recovery

Ensure business continuity by incorporating a cloud-integrated backup and disaster recovery strategy.

  • Reduce queue times for large-batch workloads

  • Pay only for what you need

  • Innovate with high-performance, on-demand resources

High performance computing

Solve the most complex computing challenges with cost-effective, powerful, and flexible infrastructure to support scalable workloads.

  • The simplest, easiest first step to cloud adoption

  • Scalable, economical cloud backup for VMs and databases

  • Deliver recovery times aligned with the needs of your business

  • Extend backup usage for ransomware recovery, test/dev and analytics

Microsoft and Windows on Cloud

A first-class experience for Windows workloads. Self-manage or leverage managed services. Use license-included images or bring your own. Migrate, optimize, and modernize with enterprise-class support backed by Microsoft.

  • Migrate to increase IT agility and reduce on-premises footprint

  • Optimize license usage to reduce cost

  • Modernize to reduce single-vendor dependency

Virtual desktops

Companies today are confronted with a challenge of balancing security and IT resources with demands for remote work. Enabling secure and scalable access to corporate resources can help you keep business moving forward.

  • User authentication through Workspace, IAP, or Active Directory

  • High-performance virtual desktop partners

  • Increase business agility by migrating and replatforming apps to the cloud

Bare Metal Solution

Bring your specialized workloads to Cloud, allowing you access and integration with Cloud services with minimal latency.

  • Flexibility and agility for specialized workloads

  • Subscription pricing

Data center migration

Choose your path to the cloud—lift and shift, application change, or hybrid.

  • Migrate to a more secure cloud

  • Grow confidently on our purpose-built infrastructure

  • Modernize at your own pace

Intelligent operations with Active Assist

Active Assist is a portfolio of tools that use data, intelligence, and machine learning to reduce cloud complexity and administrative toil, making it easy to optimize your cloud’s security, performance, and cost.

  • Find the ideal performance-to-cost balance with automatic recommendations

  • Improve your cloud with proactive alerts on potential gaps or future issues

  • Drive innovation by reducing administrative time and labor

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