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Engage with your customers and increase your sales

Sell your products on top of WhatsApp

“Carry-out”  your ordering, delivery, and checkout processes over whatsapp with Bot's cutting-edge artificial intelligence.


Increase your mobile orders with Bot’s commerce solution.

Automate conversations with artificial intelligence

Our AI-powered agent provides answers to your most frequently asked questions.


Of all companies’ customer conversations can be automated.

Deploy marketing campaigns in seconds

Upload customer data bases and set up your campaigns with a couple of clicks.


Average open rate for Bot’s  personalized mobile messaging campaigns.

Customer Service

Allows human agents to intervene in a conversation in real time whenever a process determines it.

Re-focus your reps on your highest-value customer conversations.

Track  the customer and sales data you care about the most

Bot’s dashboard console allows you to visualize conversational metrics in real time.

Bot’s admin console allows you to configure your WhatsApp profile

Bot Conversational Commerce Platform

Bot Workflows

Our AI-powered agent will let you create workflows that will  boost your revenue and decrease your costs by automating customer conversations.

Your business available 24/7 to customers, learning about them from continuous interaction.

Bot Marketing Suite

Optimize your customer journey to increase conversions and customer satisfaction.

Manage and track your campaigns in one place, visualize metrics, and manage your customer facing WhatsApp profile.

Bot Profiler

Gather data and insights on your customers to better understand their mobile customer journey.

Launch campaigns based on data driven decisions, 12x more effective than email for remarketing.


Integrate our platform with the tools your business relies on.

Synchronize inventory with your ERP, streamline orders with your order management system, share customer data with your CRM.  

Customers in emerging markets want to chat with your brand on messaging apps.


Of time spent on mobile is spent in a messaging apps.


Plan to increase or maintain their conversational commerce spend.


Of conversational commerce shoppers do it on Facebook platforms (Messenger, WhatsApp)


Is the average in which a person opens WhatsApp daily.


We have conversational solutions for every industry

Consumer Packaged Goods

Allow business owners to order your products through messaging apps, saving money, effort and time.

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Take another step into digital transformation by setting an online store on top of messaging apps.

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Automate your grocery ordering, delivery, and checkout over WhatsApp with cutting-edge artificial intelligence.

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Receive customers orders through messaging apps in an automated way.

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